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Six Lessons from Spending £250,000 in 18 Months

Have you raised, or are you seeking to raise a seed investment for your startup? Figuring out how to spend your money wisely to grow your business most effectively is no easy task.

I'm going to share some of the decisions we made on how to spend our seed round,

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How to Overcome Your Fears and Start Your Own Business

Do you dream of running your own business and waking up every day to do something you love? Maybe you'd like to make a tonne of money so you can travel the world in your private jet?

Everyone has a passion for something and the foundation of all great businesses

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How I’m Getting a 29% Response Rate from Cold Emailing

Startup sales can be incredibly daunting, not to mention time consuming. It can take ages to perfect the process, especially you're like me and have no previous sales training.

The following process is far from perfect. I’m not a natural salesperson nor do I have ‘the gift of the

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